Best sports to bet on (part 1)

People bet on sports for many reasons such as they love the challenge of trying to beat the bookmaker, love making predictions, or love the feeling of investing in the outcome. However, 2 of the most obvious reasons are to make money and to have fun although it’s not that easy. Many others simply content to view sports betting as a recreational endeavor, something to divert from the everyday stresses of life.

If you love sports and would like to start on betting, this list of the best sports to bet on is for you. They are ranked based mostly on their entertainment value although the opportunities to make some money is considered. 

  1. Football

There is no argument on the popularity of this sport so betting on this sport is of course popular. As the most-watched sport in the United States, nearly $100 billion is wagered on football in 2015. Betting and watching football are going on at once. Players have 1 eye on the game on TV and the other on the phone, computer or tablet, monitoring the scores and ready to wager on the rest of the match currently underway.


  1. Basketball

This fast-paced, high-scoring, back-and-forth action sport is all you could wish for in a sport from a betting perspective as basketball is a game of runs, which opens up so many possibilities on the live betting lines. One of the strategy is to place a live bet on a team after they have missed a few consecutive baskets and had to call a timeout. More often that team will come back with a new strategy to successfully hit a few baskets then players can bet the other team at a lower point spread and attempt to ‘middle’ the game by winning both point spread bets.