Betting on the Olympic Games

Olympic Sports Betting – Markets & Betting Limits

Olympics Betting markets is not as expanding as major sports, even though the Olympic Games are incredibly popular and watched by tens of millions of people around the world. It simply doesn’t always translate into betting action as bettors are more interested in wagering on sports like basketball, football, and soccer than betting their hard earned money down on the Brazilian water polo team and the like. However, betting markets for the Olympic Games has increased in recent years with sports like hockey and basketball which allow bettors to expect the traditional sides, totals, and money lines, with some props as well as live betting opportunities.


Proposition bets also called as prop bets which are made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game of an event not directly affecting the game’s final results. Olympic prop bets are an excellent betting opportunity to increase your bankroll at the same time try your luck in betting on at times outrages event such as Sport with the most drug-related disqualifications or the nation has the most possibility to win the most bronze medals?


Bettors will find a lot of variation between bookmakers and the markets available for the Olympics Games which is certainly essential to check out before depositing money on any wager.


Betting limits have a wide range depending on the sports. For instances, basketball and hockey will probably has the limit equal to that of the professional leagues or collegiate competitions while other sports aren’t as popular may have substantially lower limits. 

Betting limits will also be based on the operator and market such as European bookmakers have larger limits than American bookmakers because they likely to take more in the Olympics as many sports are more popular in European markets than American.