Biggest Sports for Betting On

Sports are something that is enjoyed by many athletes. Then there are many fans who enjoy watching the various games. Along with this are the numerous sports bettors who take great enjoyment from their betting activities. There are many different sports that can be bet on, and some are very popular.

Sports Betting Industry

It is estimated that the sports gambling industry was comprised of somewhere between $700 billion up to $1 trillion in a year. This means it is a business that a lot of people have a keen interest in and shows how important sports is to it. The following is an example of the most popular sporting events when it comes to sports betting.

  • FIFA World Cup

Some claim that football is the most popular sport in the world. It has been indicated that this sport makes up 70% of the estimated money generated in sporting events. It is an event that only takes place every four years, but when it does, it draws the attraction of a large number of sports bettors. No actual figures have been accumulated to determine how much betting takes place on this event, but it is estimated to be more than $260 million.

  • Super Bowl

This is the ultimate sporting event for the United States. It is said that bets that are placed on the National Football league make up half of all sports bets that are made. The Super Bowl is the most popular event that draws the most betting action.

  • March Madness

This one involves the North Collegiate Athletics Association Tournament and is a popular attraction for sports bettors.

  • Kentucky Derby

Among all the popular sports for sports betting horse racing is near the top. The ultimate race here for attracting bettors is the Kentucky Derby.

These are just some of the many sports that are among the most popular of sports bettors.