League of Legends has become so popular that now professional sports companies, such as NBA and NFL teams are investing in developing eSports LoL teams. Golden State Warriors, The Houston Rockets, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Yankees, and Milwaukee Bucks all have their own or sponsor a League of Legends eSports team. In terms of eSports betting handle, LoL accounts for the majority of ticket of eSports markets.

With millions of dollars being invested in sponsoring teams and players, it is no surprise that League of Legends betting has become more famous than ever.

League of Legends has tournaments hosted all over the world. The League of Legends World Championship is the tournament that players from all over the world compete to qualify for through a series of other tournaments and point system. The season starts in January or December annually and culminates with “Worlds” in late October – December.

The 2017 World Championship has a total prize of over $4 million. These days, every major event and for the majority of them, even small live events are available for actual money eSports betting.

DOTA 2 was launched before LoL and is believed by many players to be the more complicated and strategic eSport game in comparison to League of Legends. DOTA 2 is not as famous as League of Legends but has no less prize pools and tournaments combined in the International Tournament n August, which has the biggest prize pool in eSports.

Similar to League of Legends, there is a series of other events where players earn additional prize money and accumulated points for qualifying for the main event. LoL, and DOTA 2 are both MOBAs, so players might find similar betting markets when betting on both DOTA 2 and LoL.

DOTA 2 has many bigger tournaments and events for professional players at all skill levels. The most popular tournament in eSports is the International, and it is considered having the most eSports betting action on DOTA 2. The 2017 International had a huge prize pool of $25 million-dollar – by far the biggest prize in eSports history. People interested in betting on eSports and DOTA 2 in particular will undoubtedly have chance to win big with the International each year.