ESport Betting (Part 4)

Ultimately, just similar to any other form of sports betting, it all about your research and understanding of eSport betting markets. Trying to bet every eSport game isn’t the best way to master and win eSports. Concentrate on one game, at least at first, is usually the best way for beginners. Many decide to bet on the games they mastered how to play but dive deeper into the strategy of high-level players and competition.

Once you’ve decided on the eSports you want to concentrate on betting –  you can take part in the rosters and teams. Having a deep knowledge and understanding of each member’s role in a team and how they compete against opponents will give you advantages over people who are betting eSports.

Information is critical, the more you understand the rosters and teams – the better chance you have to analyze data fast and make bets before the market reacts. This is more difficult to do in larger market sports, but beating the sportsbooks on a substitution or changes in strategy that the whole market is unaware is a real possibility to win in eSports.

There are no winning sports wagers who uses just one single sportsbook to bet. The same applies for those betting eSports. In fact, it’s even more critical in eSports due to the different prices applied to multiple books. There are benefits to be acquired when betting on broader markets, but for the most part, betting sites move in on specific line moves and critical numbers.

This is not the case when betting eSports in which the limits are much lower than the whole market sports, but there is a much wider level of pricing. With Bitcoin being accepted at most online sportsbooks, moving money around and choosing the right price is easier than ever. Players will be able to see plenty of inefficiencies in eSports betting when comparing sportsbooks to other recreational online betting sites.