Top the most popular sports for betting (Part 3)

Here, we continue to share top the most favorite sports bettors love placing on bets, estimated in many famous betting markets in the world like the UK, USA or Japan. 

Why it’s popular? How it’s popular? What’s function of this popularity? All will be answered in our analysis. 

From former articles, we have ever referred to four major sports: golf, boxing, horse race and especially football. 

Now we will discuss other sports also based on the following ranking.

5, Tennis

It’s not amazing when we conclude that tennis is one of the most favorite sports for betting, although it has a newcomer.

The fact, spectators find out more benefits for mental and spirit in their mind when they are playing or watching tennis. 

So, tennis is favorited by many viewers, especially in UK market.

We can checklist some famous tournaments in the world like the Glam Slam like the Wimbledon, the French Open, the US Open and lastly the Australian Open. Almost famous tournaments are held month by month separately. So, you should be confident to place on bets for new betting site without worrying about the match.

In general, betting is placed on almost events from the summer (like the Wimbledon) to other seasons like the US Open, Australian Open. It means that this sport can serve all walks of life in every time they prefer. It’s easy to understand because tennis can be played in the whole seasons.

Another outstanding feature of tennis tournament, it’s convenient to place on bets for an individual player or couples. So, you have more opportunities to do research whether who play better. The data for souring is not so much, so you are ease to click a button and start finding news well.