Trade Shares in Footballers with Football Index

Football Index is a gambling website which allows bettors to trade shares in professional footballers, just like investors trade stocks in the stock market. Football Index allow bettors to buy and sell shares of 3000 Footballers with real money. Founded in 2015, UK-licensed Football Index aims to innovate the betting industry which emphasis more on football knowledge rather on chance. The concept of utilising player knowledge rather than predicting a definite outcome is fair and fascinating. If you purchase USD 6.13 worth of shares in a player who puts in a dominant performance but doesn’t score, their price will likely rise. But, in case, you bet USD 6.13 on that player to score at any time, their dominant performance means nothing and you lose your wager.

Football Index has recognised a gap in a very competitive market with the current emphasis on responsible gambling, playing for true enjoyment, and reducing the risk of being cash out of the bank balance.

Football Index has a new, exciting concept, but it is very complicated to attract the average punter who want to place quick, simple bets, hoping to be paid out within a couple of hours. The constant changing of prices is off-putting, especially for millennials who don’t appear as keen to place ante-post bets.

Football Index focus on young players to play long term to be rewarded, but it would be difficult to meet expectations. Whether it will be a success remains to be seen, but work remains to convince bettors that this is the future of sports betting.

Looking into Football Index, investing shares in a young players rather than superstars such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi would be more profitable. Although if the option to choose a young Premier League footballer isn’t available, it would put off bettors and makes the punter’s job even harder in terms of spotting potential value.