What are the different types of Sports Betting Wagers (part 2)

The Handicap Bet

How to improve the current odds?

In reality, the handicap betting is used in many parts of the world as it can help players win the goal of improving the available odds. In fact, it’s particularly popular in team sports such as football, racket ball, etc. The Handicap Bet mechanisms works by awarding or deducting goals / points to chosen participants specifically for the purpose of sports betting, however, it is often misunderstood by punters.

In the past, some players misunderstood that the objective of handicap betting is to make both participants equal favourites, it’s actually designed to create different options and value in matches when there’s a significant difference between the sides.

As a result, handicap betting set a scenario where players can dramatically improve the odds on offer and only slip impacting on winning chances.

For example, let’s say that you apply a -3 handicap to Manchester  before their match with Liverpool. In this instance, Manchester would need to win by four clear goals to ensure that your bet was successful. In this case, the outcome offering is more favourable odds and a considerably higher return.

The principles here are clear due to the fact that the purpose of sports betting is to introduce value to the significant number of mismatches happens each year in the Premier League and other sporting competitions throughout the world.

As a result, handicap betting not only increases your potential returns on individual wagers, but it also allows you to bet on a wider range of games and contests during the year.

The Accumulator Bet

Debatably, the accumulator/ parlay bet is one of the most popular wagers in the UK, especially in sports like football and horse racing. 

Accumulator bets consist of more than one betting selections as part of a single wager, with punters required to get everyone correct if they want to achieve a return.

So, instead of betting on five football teams to win on the same weekend with individual bets, players should combine them as part of an accumulator in the hope of increasing the potential returns significantly