Top 5 Less Obvious Year Round Sports That Your Kids Might Like

Kids need to bring out their energy and have fun. Not only as a way to keep them occupied and happy, but also as a way to help them learn a lot of various life skills. Are you wondering which sport your kid could engage in no matter the season? Here are five top suggestions.


If your kid plays soccer and you are looking for something to keep him fit during the sport’s off-season, try out futsal. It is more of indoor soccer, and famous soccer players such as Neymar, Lionel Messi, and Christiano Ronaldo have credited to it for their success on the field.

Table Tennis

Table tennis goes beyond the common ping pong idea many have. It requires excellent visual and muscle coordination skills; and good reflexes. It is a great way to pass the time and also exercise the brain. It is also easy to set so you can have it at home as well.


Curling is a game that is more popular among adults, although there are leagues that target kids. It is popularly known as chess on ice and involves a bit of physical strength, endurance and coordination when throwing the rocks.


Another fun and exciting game is the ringette, which is almost similar to hockey. However, the stick is different, and the blue ring replaces the puck. The game is mostly associated with girls, but leagues that are boys-centred are more common these days.


This is a very individual sport that does not necessarily look at the fittest or the fastest player in a team. It involves various skills like fine motor, coordination, and balance skills. There are even competitions for kids today, but you do not need to sign up for the championship to play bowling.

You could suggest the above sports to your kids and see which one excites them the most.