Year Round Sports

With today’s technology, almost every sport can be played and practised year round, no matter the season or weather conditions. Still, some sports can be practised year round, but competitions will be held only at a particular time of the year or season.

Playing a year-round sport can be amazing. Along with the fact that a person is staying active all year round, it also almost guarantees to master that sport and to become a pro. However, there are a few arguments made by experts opposing the training of the same sport.

The main cons argument is that playing only one sport can lead to ‘burning out’ effect as psychological damage, as well as doing the actual physical damage to the parts of the body that are being used the most in a particular sport. Switching between a few sports can help prevent injuries or overworking certain muscles and joints. If practising more sports, it would be good to engage in sports that activate different parts of the body. For example, soccer activates mostly the lower body, while baseball activates the upper body.

Parents often want their kids to engage in sports, but most of them don’t know the pros and cons of year-round sports. Most of the experts and children’s doctors agree that year-round sports are not the best option for kids, and here is why.

Kids bodies are growing and developing, so engaging in one sport that always lays stress on one part of the body can make even more damage than to an adults body.

Even though practising one skill almost guarantees success in it, that is not always the case. Be careful of unrealistic expectations!

Burning out is familiar to most adults, but what adults fail to remember is that kids can burn out as well, even faster than adults, especially when it comes to repetitive activities.